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KBCCC Internatinal Convention 2014

Travel Grants

KBCCC 2014, Successful Applicants

Abhinav Arun Sonkar (King George's Medical University Lucknow UP, India)
Balazs Gyorffy (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary)
Kenneth Chi Chung Wan (Austin Health, Australia)
Khaldoun Nadi (Prince Philip Hospital, Peony Breast Care Unit, UK)
Nigora Atakhanova (Tashkent Medical Academy, Uzbekistan)
Yu-Fen Wang (Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan)


Guideline for Travel Grant Applications

The KBCCC scholarship fund offers travel grants to a limited number of doctors / researchers / scientists wishing to attend the KBCCC 2014 International Convention for poster presentations in order to partially support their traveling expenses. For application for a travel grant, submission of an abstract for the poster presentation is mandatory. Only high-quality poster presentations will be selected after review by the Award Committee. Applications must be submitted by Friday, November 8, 2013. Below are guidelines for KBCCC travel grant application.

Applicants must:

  1. Submit an abstract for their poster presentation.
  2. Provide a letter of reference signed by their supervisor using their institutes’ letterhead, if applicants are students who have almost completed their studies, or postdoctoral fellows (complete the form for KBCCC Travel Grant Application and return to the Secretariat via Fax: +81-(0)75-761-5718 or Email: info@kyoto-breast-cancer.org).

Other factors taken into account by the Award Committee:

  1. The Award Committee wishes to encourage attendance by people from as many different countries as possible.
  2. Preference will be given to practicing scientists from developing countries.
  3. Grant amounts will depend on traveling distance from applicants home country to Japan, but exact amount depends on number of approved applicants. The maximum amount must not exceed 150,000 Yen. Estimated awards, for example, are around;
South Asia - 80,000 yen
Australia - 100,000 yen
Europe - 100,000 yen
South America - 150,000 yen
North America - 120,000 yen
Africa - 100,000 yen
Middle East - 100,000 yen
India - 100,000 yen

Upon receipt of an acceptance notice, nominees must:

  1. Immediately register and book their accommodation.
  2. Obtain necessary documents including a visa required for entering Japan (if necessary) no later than Friday, January 10, 2014 at the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General with jurisdiction over the area in which the applicant lives.
    * Priority will be given to those who already have a visa, if evidence of the visa is provided at the time of submission.

The organizers will:

  1. Make a decision by Monday, November 25, 2013. The travel grant awardees will be notified via email.
  2. Publish successful applicants’ names on the KBCCC website.
  3. Hand out the travel grant by cash on arrival at the conference. Please drop by the on-site control office for the collection of your paperwork.