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KBCCC Internatinal Convention 2014

Poster Awards

Award Winning Posters

Combined p63 and CK5/6 immunohistology provides better prediction of breast carcinoma risk in intraductal papilloma

Yang Yang1,6, Koyu Suzuki1, Eriko Abe1,3,6, Chihping Lee1, Mieko Uno1, Futoshi Akiyama2, Hideko Yamauchi3, Mari Kikuchi4, Sachiko Ohde4, Gautam Deshpande5, Hironobu Sasano6

1 Department of Pathology, St. Luke's International Hospital, Japan
2 Division of Pathology, The Cancer Institute of The Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, Tokyo, Japan
3 Department of Breast Surgery, St. Luke's International Hospital, Tokyo, Japan
4 Department of Radiology, St. Luke's International Hospital, Tokyo, Japan
5 St. Luke's Life Science Institute, St. Luke's International Hospital, Tokyo, Japan
6 Department of Pathology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Sendai, Japan

Investigation of breath-hold radiotherapy planning process, utilising four dimensional computer tomography for breast cancer patients in a new cancer centre

Chi Chung (Ken) Wan, Louise Gorman, Sherly Saju, Steve Medwell, Luke Raynes

Ballarat Austin Radiation Oncology Centre, Austin Health, Australia

Chief of Judges

Dr Hiromitsu Jinno of Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan was Chief of Judges at the Poster Presentation. He noted that the level of research and quality of posters were extremely high so that choosing the two best was a difficult task. At the Awards Ceremony he began by thanking all poster presenters for their hard work and in particular he thanked the two winners of the best poster presentations. He concluded by stating that the poster presentations were a great success this conference.

Award Ceremony

Date: Friday February 21, 2014
Judges: Dr Hiromitsu Jinno, Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan
Dr Masahiro Kashiwaba, Iwate Medical University School of Medicine, Morioka, Japan
Dr Akira Yamauchi, Kitano Hospital, Osaka, Japan
Dr Chikako Yamauchi, Shiga Medical Center for Adults, Moriyama, Japan
Presenter: Dr Hiromitsu Jinno
Award: USD500

Comments by Poster Winners

I truly appreciate very much the Organizing Committee and the Poster Presentation judging panel for the opportunity to take part in KBCCC 2014 and for giving me this award, it is a great honor for me. It was a wonderful experience for me to come to Kyoto and take part in this worthwhile venture. I learned a great many valuable things and had a fantastic experience meeting and talking to many outstanding researchers and professionals from around the world during this international convention. It will be a great encouragement to me in my professional work whenever encountering difficulties in the coming months.

Yang Yang
Department of Breast Surgery
St. Luke's International Hospital
Tokyo, Japan

My trip to KBCCC 2014 has been full of surprises and rewarding. Without any doubt, KBCCC has provided me a huge momentum in finishing the project and presented to professions whom came from the rest of the world. It was a great honor to receive the prize as there were lots of other high quality posters. In addition with those lectures from invited speakers, the conference has clearly demonstrated a high level of collaborations with a positive attitude within the group to provide the best possible patient care. Winning the prize encourages me further to continue our project for the next step which is to implement it safely and effectively to our patients.

Chi Chung (Ken) Wan
Ballarat Austin Radiation Oncology Centre
Austin Health, Australia