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KBCCC the 31st Regular Meeting (08/29/2019 Updated)

This meeting was completed

The 31st Kyoto Breast Cancer Consensus Conference

Date: Saturday, September 7th, 2019 14:45-18:30

Venue: Inamori Hall, Shirankaikan, Kyoto University


Provision of Informtaion  14:45-15:00  Konica Minolta, Inc.

Chair: Dr. Fumiaki Sato, Kansai Electric Power Hospital


1. Opening Address  15:00-15:05   Dr. Akira Yamauchi, Nara Prefecture General Medical Center


2. Lecture   15:05-15:30


 “Actual situation of evaluation of TIL and PD-L1 expression in tumor tissues (tentative)”

Chair: Dr. Yoshio Moriguchi, Breast Surgery, Kyoto City Hospital

Lecturer: Dr. Tatsuki Kataoka, Department of Diagnostic Pathology, Kyoto University


【 〜 Break 5 min 〜 】


3. Consensus session 15:35-17:05


1) “Hypofractionated radiation therapy” (voting) (25 min)

Chair: Dr. Mikako Yamauchi, Shiga General Hospital

2) ”Treatment of locally advanced / Stage IV” (voting) (25 min)

Chairs: Dr. Tecchuu Lee, Japanese Red Cross Kyoto Daiichi Hospital

Dr. Kazuhiki Yamagami, Shinko Hospital

Case Presentation: Dr. Masahiro Kawashima, Kyoto University Hospital

3) “Treatment for senior citizens and overtreatment” (panel discussion) (40 min)

Chairs: Dr. Takashi Okino, Kodama Breast Clinic

Dr. Nobuhiki Shinkura, Sawai Memorial Clinic

    Panelists: Dr. Junichi Kaganoi (Hamamatsu Rosai Hospital), Dr. Tatsushi Kato (Yamato Takada Municipal Hospital), Dr. Yuki Kawai (Shiga University of Medical Science Hospital), Dr. Masahiro Takada (Kyoto University Hospital), Dr. Syunichi Higashide (Nagahama City Hospital), Dr. Tsuyoshi Mori (Kohka Public Hospital), Dr. Nao Morii (Tenri Hospital)


4. Announcement from KBCRN Office 17:05-17:15 : Research introduction


【 〜 Break 10 min 〜 】


5. Special Lecture 17:25-18:25


 Theme “Diversity of breast cancer and the treatment selection”


Chair: Dr. Masakazu Toi, Professor of Breast Surgery Department, Kyoto University

Lecturer: Dr. Yasuo Miyoshi, Professor of Department of Breast and Endocrine Surgery, Hyogo College of Medicine

Cosponsored by AstraZeneca K.K.


6. Closing Address    18:2518:30    Dr. Takashi Inamori, Tenri Health Care Univeristy


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[ Co-host ]

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ‘Cancer professional training promotion plan'

Kyoto Breast Cancer Research Network (KBCRN)

AstraZeneca K.K. (Special lecture)

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Provision of information)