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京都乳癌コンセンサス会議 サテライト会議 in 北海道

Summary of venue

Date of venue : Evening 25th June Friday to Afternoon 26th June Saturday 2010
Venue : Grand Park Otaru (Chikko, Otaru City, Hokkaido)
Main theme of the conference : Diagnostic imaging of preoperative medication and operative therapy - adoption of MRI volumetry
Format of venue : Consensus conference based on the lectures by invited specialists from overseas and on the conference questionnaire
Facilitators : Masakazu Toi (Kyoto University Breast Surgery Department professor)
Takashi Inamoto
Participation registration : please go to the registration screen
Deadline for registration Thursday 17th June
(The on-site registration begins 40 minutes before the start of the conference)
Group registration : Please contact Kyoto University Co-op Convention Service Center
Participation certificate : will be given on-site. Will not be issued after the conference.
Accommodation : Select at the registration screen
Secretariat : Kyoto Breast Cancer Concensus Conference
e-mail : info@kyoto-breast-cancer.org