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NPO Kyoto Breast Cancer Consensus Conference (KBCCC) will change its corporate status and name to "General Corporated Association Kyoto Breast Cancer Research Network (KBCRN)" from April 2015


A consensus is a high quality discussion where participants share the same fundamental principles. Our intention is to share the fundamentals discussed, collected and collated as a group and then encourage these fundamentals to be put into practice by medical professionals.

Improving the Quality of Life of patients as well as Breast Cancer Treatment is the core principle of this consensus. Participants will see a great deal of consideration created that will enrich the quality of the convention, held to the very highest international standards.

The collaboration and sequencing of different types of disciplines; Surgery, Radiation therapy (radiotherapy), Pathological diagnosis during individual clinical practice, indicates the importance of creating unification between methodologies. The construction of guidelines and analyzed content throughout discussions will empower and educate all participants.

Corporate Name

Kyoto Breast Cancer Consensus Conference (abbr : KBCCC)

Board of Directors

Masakazu Toi Kyoto University Breast Surgery Department
Takashi Inamoto Tenri Health Care University
Chikako Yamauchi Shiga Medical Center for Adults, Therapeutic radiology
(KBCCC would like to express our sincere appreciation for the contribution of the late Dr. Michihide Mitsumori, former member of the Board of Directors which he gave since the foundation of KBCCC)
Kazuhisa Ohgaki Kyoto Police Hospital


October 14th 2008


Heights Gemini 2F, 9-5 Higashimaruta-cho, Marutamachidori Kawabata Higashi-iru, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8395, Japan

Contact Us

TEL: +81-75-761-5751 / FAX: +81-75-761-5718
e-mail: info@kyoto-breast-cancer.org



Mission Statement

Train medical professionals involved in breast cancer treatment. Diversify and freely discuss the numerous issues concerning breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Take action on a suggested solution that will contribute and lead to the improvement of breast cancer treatment.


The above goals contribute to the following NPO activities.

  1. Manpower development and human resources involved in Breast Cancer Treatment.
  2. Publication of dissertations concerning Breast Cancer Treatment.
  3. Holding of lectures and conferences concerning in depth research into Breast Cancer Treatment.
  4. Other necessary operations carried out for the accomplishment of our goals.

KBCCC intend to investigate the following topics

  • Algorithm Forms of Primary Breast Cancer
  • Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
  • Prevention and Medical Examination

About KBCCC logo

The logo representing Kyoto Breast Cancer Consensus Conference was created by Ms Hirono Takeda. The design is an inspiration of one of the three types of Japanese Garden 'Karensansui'* which is an eminent symbol of Kyoto.

A 'Karensansui' is also known as a 'dry landscaped garden'. This unique type of garden is often associated with temples that practice Zen Buddhism.
The main elements of this type of garden are the carefully arranged rocks and sand.
The rocks signify the Islands of Japan and the sand that are raked in circular designs signify the surrounding sea. Unlike any other garden, a 'karensansui' garden must be viewed from a single seated position to witness the hidden beauty.
The most popular Rock Gardens within Japan are both located in Kyoto, Ryoanji and Daitokuji.