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Regular Meeting

23rd Regular Meeting will be held on 19.9.2015 (Sat).

KBCCC the 22st Regular Meeting (04/02/2015 Updated)

KBCCC the 22nd Regular Meeting questionnaire and voting results will be available online on this page shortly

NPO Kyoto Breast Cancer Consensus Conference (KBCCC) will change its corporate status and name to "General Corporated Association Kyoto Breast Cancer Research Network (KBCRN)" from April 2015. From the 22nd Regular Meeting, eligibility for participation is limited to members only. Please apply for membership as well as making payment of joining fee of 1,000 yen (inclusive of tax) and participation fee of 3000 yen (inclusive of tax) at registration.

The 22nd Kyoto Breast Cancer Consensus Conference
- Hormonal Resistant Recurrent Breast Cancer -

Date: April 4th (Sat.) 2015 14:45~ *Registration starts at 13:30(subject to change) 
(Time may change due to various reasons)

Venue: Shiran Kaikan Hall

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1. Opening Address

2. Special Lecture

"Hormonal Treatment Resistance and mTOR Inhibitor ~To view the treatment of future from the basics"

3. Result of the 22nd Questionnaire

- Break -

4. Consensus
"Treatment of Hormonal Resistance Recurrent Breast Cancer"

[Institution Report]

- Break-

5. Mini Lecture
"Luminal B Breast Cancer"

6. Info from BORN-BB

7. Erilubin Cohort Testing

8. "Discussion on Anthracycline Regimen"

9. Closing Address

* Please pay 3000 yen on the day as the participation fee.
* Information exchange meeting is scheduled after the meeting.

Kyoto Brease Cancer Research Network

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Cancer Professional Training Foundation Promoting Plan"

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