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Regular Meeting

KBCCC the 20th Regular Meeting - Concluded (05/23/2014 Updated)

KBCCC the 21st Regular Meeting
〜Treatment of Breast Cancer Recurrence〜
Date: Saturday November 8, 2014
Time and Venue: TBA

Full details will be given soon on this page

KBCCC the 20th Regular Meeting
〜Breast Reconstruction and Oncoplastic Surgery〜

Date and Time: Saturday June 28, 2014  14:45-
Reception: opens at 14:30

Venue: The Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto, West Wing 4F, Room "Mizuho"


Program: Coming soon

Contact: Kyoto University Department of Breast Surgery
               Tel: 075-751-3660  Email: info@kyoto-breast-cancer.org