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KBCCC the 28th Regular Meeting (02/26/2018 Updated)

KBCCC the 28th Regular Meeting

The 28th Kyoto Breast Cancer Consensus Conference

Date: Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 13:00~15:30

Venue: Hotel Hanshin Osaka 10F/ Crystal Room

5-6-16 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka Tel: 06-6344-1661  


1.  Lecture I       13:00-13:40

‘Problems about diagnostic pathology of breast `

Theme 1. Sub-classification of TNBC

            2. Definition of infiltrating lobular carcinoma

            3. How to measure a diameter of infiltrate

Lecturer: Dr. Takaki Sakurai, Department of Diagnostic Pathology, Kyoto University

Chair: Dr. Seiji Yamasaki, Department of Surgery, National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center


- Break 10 mins -


2.  Consensus       13:50-15:10

Theme 1. Luminal recurrence therapy

            2. Hormonal sensitivity / tolerance

            3. Remove of primary metastases in stage 4 / local management of metastatic lesion (radiology)

            4. Treatment of aged breast cancer

Moderator: Dr. Megumi Takeuchi, Department of Breast Surgery, Mitsubishi Kyoto Hospital

                  Dr. Masahiro Takada, Department of Breast Surgery, Kyoto University


3.  Announcement from KBCRN office      15:10-15:20


4.  Closing Address      15:20-15:25 Dr. Akira Yamauchi, Department of Breast Surgery, Tazuke Kofukai Medical Research Institute Kitano Hospital


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