KBCCC Internatinal Convention 2020


Scientific Program

Day 1: Thursday April 2nd
Day 2: Friday April 3rd
Day 3: Saturday April 4th until luncheon seminar

Best of SABCS 2020 Kyoto will be held at the same venue, Kyoto International Conference Center, from April 4th luncheon seminar to April 5th.

Social Program

Cancelled for novel corona virus

Evening Reception - Friday April 3rd - Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto
Dress code is kimono or smart casual.

Kimono rental will be available (TBA).

Scientific Program

Day 1: Thursday April 2
Time Session / Lecture title
Opening remarks, KBCCC 2020 by John Benson
Presenter: Masakazu Toi
Session 1: Local management for favorable responders to neoadjuvant therapy by Bruce Mann, Stephen Fox, Ismail Jatoi, Hiromitsu Jinno
日本専門医機構認定共通講習(外科領域講習)(4月2日 該当時間全ての出席で2単位)
Presenter: Evaluating treatment response of breast cancer based on imaging - Masako Kataoka
Presenter: Breast cancer heterogeneity and inflmmation - Tatsuki Kataoka
Presenter: Preoperative individualized therapy to increase breast conservation rate - Wonshik Han
Presenter: New surgical approaches to the axilla following neoadjuvant chemotherapy - Stephen Grobmyer
日本専門医機構認定共通講習(外科領域講習)(4月2日 該当時間全ての出席で2単位)
Presenter: Radiation therapy after neoadjuvant therapy and new challenges for breast cancer - Michio Yoshimura
Presenter: Is it ever safe to omit breast/axillary surgery following neoadjuvant chemotherapy? - John Benson
Presenter: Molecular monitoring in the neoadjuvant setting - Paul Mainwaring
11:45-12:35 Oral presentation-1 by Jun-ichiro Watanabe, Norikazu Masuda
Sponsored Symposium-1 by Takashi Ishikawa (Eli Lilly Japan K.K.)
Presenter: TBD-Rebecca Dent
Session 2: Local management for favorable responders to neoadjuvant therapy, and panel discussion by Chiun Sheng Huang
Presenter: Favorable responders after chemo:the best diagnosis and surgical management-Emiel Rutgers
Panel discussion: TBD
Sponsored Symposium-2: Prediction of prognosis and benefits from chemotherapy by Hiroji Iwata, Takayuki Ueno (Exact Sciences Corporation and KBCRN)
Presenter: Genomic risk assessment and adjuvant therapy indication-Virginia Kaklamani
Presenter: Molecular assays for neoadjuvant therapy indication-Shigehira Saji
Panel discussion: TBD by Virginia Kaklamani, Shigehira Saji, Hidetaka Kawabata, and Naomi Sakurai
Session-3: Risk Assessment, management of patients with germline mutations by Takayuki Kinoshita, Yasuaki Sagara
Presenter: Prediction tools to identify high-risk individuals-Masahiro Takada
Presenter: Germline genetic testing in all breast cancer patients: are we there yet?-Stephen Grobmyer
Presenter: Clinical management of patients with germline mutations-Ismail Jatoi
Sponsored Symposium-3 by Yasuo Miyoshi (Novartis Pharma K.K.)
Presenter: Optimal sequential endocrine treatment with targeted therapies in postmenopausal ER-positive/HER2-negative advanced breast cancer - Yutaka Yamamoto
Case Conference by Tomoyuki Aruga, Shigenori Nagai
Day 2: Friday April 3
Time Session / Lecture title
Poster discussion
Morning Lecture by Kazuhiko Yamagami
Presenter: Solving the inverse problem of wave scattering and realizing microwave mammography - Kenjiro Kimura
Presenter: Dedicated breast PET: Current status and future prospective - Kanae Miyake
Session-4: Optimization of breast cancer screening by Hideko Yamauchi, Louis Chow
Presenter: Dens breasts: the role of MRI - Emiel Rutgers
Presenter: Breast cancer screening: Weighing the benefits and harms - Ismail Jatoi
Presenter: Breast cancer screening according to individual risk - Bruce Mann
  Questions / Discussion
Session-5: Genomic profile and precision medicine in Asia by Paul Mainwaring
Presenter: Insights into breast cancer in the East vs the West - Yoon Sim Yap
Presenter: Genomic features and precision medicine focus on TNBC - Zhi Min Shao
Special lecture
Presenter: Tasuku Honjo
Presenter: Cancer tissue microenvironment controlling cancer immunity - Nagahiro Minato
Chair: Masakazu Toi
Sponsored Symposium-4 by Shigehira Saji (Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
Presenter: TBD - Hope Rugo
Session-6: Immuno-Oncology BC -Tumor microenvironment by Hironori Haga
日本専門医機構認定共通講習(外科領域講習)(4月3日 該当時間全ての出席で2単位)
Presenter: TBD - Dai Fukumura
Presenter: The role of TILs and PD-L1 assessment in breast cancer - Stephen Fox
Panel discussion: TBD - Tomoharu Sugie
Session-7: Immuno-Oncology BC -Clinical advances by Virginia Kaklamani, Toshimi Takano, Chikako Yamauchi
日本専門医機構認定共通講習(外科領域講習)(4月3日 該当時間全ての出席で2単位)
Presenter: Novel approaches in the Immuno-Oncology therapy-
Presenter: Integrating immunotherapy in the neoadjuvant setting in triple negative breast cancer - Giuseppe Curigliano
Presenter: Anti-angiogenesis and Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer: It Takes Two to Tango - Qiang Liu
Presenter: Systemic hallmarks of successful immuno-oncology agents - Kosuke Kawaguchi
Presenter: Radiation therapy State of Art - Reshma Jagsi
Presenter: Absolute lymphocyte count is a predictor of eribulin benefit for advanced or metastatic breast cancer in the EMBRACE study - Yasuo Miyoshi
Oral presentation-2 by Chikako Shimizu
Sponsored Symposium-5 by Shinji Ohno (Pfizer Japan Inc.)
Presenter: Positioning of CDK4/6i on ER(+), HER2(-) ABC - Giuseppe Curigliano
Day 3: Saturday April 4
Time Session / Lecture title
Poster presentation
Travel awards, Poster awards, acknowledgements by Takashi Inamoto
Consensus session
JSS The Japanese Breast Cancer Society Kyoto University