KBCCC Internatinal Convention 2020


We would very much like to welcome you to the Kyoto Breast Cancer Consensus Conference 2020 International Convention.Please participate freely and contribute to the open discussions during this meeting.

With this event we hope to continue to create a consensus between breast oncology experts that is vital for the multidisciplinary management of primary breast cancer patients as well as the development of new algorithm forms of breast cancer treatment. It is especially the local management that is an issue within primary breast cancer treatment and it is this issue that we aim to discuss in great detail with your assistance. Creating a consensus among oncology professionals may lead to new treatments giving a sense of hope, a brighter future and an enhanced quality of life for primary breast cancer patients.

We have chosen the theme for this conference very carefully to reflect the heartfelt nature of what we fundamentally wish to achieve through the consensus obtained during this conference;

  • Immuno-oncology in breast cancer
  • New diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Novel aspects, issues and perspectives in local management
  • Qualification and quantitation of treatment outcomes, Quality of Life (QOL)
  • Algorithm: How to select the optimal systemic therapy and local therapy
     Germline assays and risk assessment
     Genomic abnormalities, HRD
     RNA assays
     Protein assays
     Liquid biopsy
     Immune signatures
  • DCIS

With this noble goal in mind, internationally renowned experts will speak and hold panel discussions.

We would like to humbly thank the medical professionals who have spared some of their valuable time to take part in the KBCCC 2020 International Convention. It is honored that Best of San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Kyoto 4th -5th April 2020 will be held in conjunction with this conference. We would also like to thank all the organizations who have generously given their support to this event. This consensus conference would not have been possible without them.

Let us finish by inviting you to enjoy the myriad delights of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, during your stay. We hope you will have a rewarding experience at the KBCCC 2020 International Convention and enjoy the mixture of ancient and modern culture in Kyoto.


Masakazu Toi

Masakazu Toi
Kyoto University

Takashi Inamoto

Takashi Inamoto
Tenri Healthcare University

Chikako Yamauchi

Chikako Yamauchi
Shiga General Hospital

JSS The Japanese Breast Cancer Society Kyoto University